terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

My Friends

My dear friends, I know sometimes I speak when I shouldn't, I make comments that can be seen as pure cruelty, I'm annoying, pushy, rude and arrogant and sometimes I'm a completely jerk.
But that doesn't make me a bad person or a bad friend, cause no matter how long I do not see you, no matter what it was that separated us, if any of you need me, I'll be there, anytime, anyway.
And if I have made you feel bad or offended in some way I take my own fault and I apologize. Anyway, just wanted to say this, now a song dedicated to friends, old and new, to those who were and those who returned. Thank you.

My Friends - Red Hot Chili Peppers

My friends are so depressed
I feel the question
Of your loneliness
Confide... `cause I'll be on your side
You know I will, you know I will

X Girlfriend called me up
Alone and desperate
On the prison phone
They want... to give her seven years
For being sad

I love all of you
Hurt by the cold
So hard and lonely too
When you don't know yourself

My friends are so distressed
And standing on
The brink of emptiness
No words... I know of to express
This emptiness

I love all of you
Hurt by the cold
So hard and lonely too
When you don't know yourself

Imagine me taught by tragedy
Release is peace
I heard a little girl
And what she said
Was something beautiful
To give... your love
No matter what
is what she said

Ass.: Robson Jr. - To sentimental hoje, eu disse HOJE.

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Marcos 30 de abril de 2010 20:17  

Rapaz, eu procurando um texto e achei teu blog e postei no primeiro lugar que eu vi.
Depois que eu vi que o texto que tava lá era de 2007 kkk.
Mas não faz mal.
Dá uma olhada lá depois, link :


Esse blog foi feito...

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Para poetas clássicos, ou não...
Para leitores convictos, ou não...
Para você, ou não...
Para mim, ou não...
Para sua mãe, sempre!

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